Terroir de Bacchus

The name “Terroir de Bacchus” derives from the location of the vineyards in the Lebanese village of Ainata-Al-Arz at 30 km from the temple of Bacchus in Baalbeck. Bacchus, the Roman God of agriculture, fertility and wine, chose to build his temple in this Lebanese region for a fine reason. It was where the best vineyards produced the finest wine throughout the Roman Empire.

We created the logo and the identity of Terroir de Bacchus, following to that we worked on the wine bottle label and on the Arak bottle label.

We designed as well and developed a website for Terroir de Bacchus that fits the brand identity; the website has a full cms and can be evolved to be an e-commerce website. to check the website design, go to https://terroirdebacchus.com